3L Presentation Pockets

Presentation Pockets

Presentation pockets quickly and easily convert folders, report covers and binders into a great storage place for your papers and documents. Presentation pockets can also be used as professional presentation aids and they come in a number of different solutions.

3L Self-Adhesive A4 Corner Pockets 170 x 170mm

  • Great For Creating Pockets Inside Binders, Files and Folders.
  • The smart way to upgrade ring binders, files and folders into professional storage or presentation aids.
  • Transparent and easy to mount on virtually any flat surface..
  • Size - A4 (170 x 170 mm)
  • Pack of 100 Triangular Self Adhesive Pockets
  • Price each

3L Self-Adhesive A-Pockets

  • Full A-format size pockets to attach any kind of documents to almost any flat surface.
  • Great for promotional and sales displays as well as for brochures, user manuals, signs and instruction booklets. 
  • Sizes - A4 (220 x 305 mm) - A5 (158 x 218 mm)
  • Pack of 50 (unless stated) Self Adhesive Pockets with Short-side Opening.
  • Price each

3L Self-Adhesive Maxi Pockets with Flap

  • Maxi Pockets have unlimited storage and client presentation applications.
  • Use to file and protect papers and documents without punched holes, such as brochures and user manuals.
  • Specially designed to hold A4 and A5 formats, these pockets feature a practical closing flap that makes sure your documents stay put. 
  • Pack of 10 Self Adhesive Pockets with Flap (long-side opening) 
  • Price each