GPO UK 746 Rotary Dial Telephone

Replica of the 1970’s GPO746 classic. You and all your friends will love this trip down memory lane!

This telephone was the final version of the GPO746 and was released in this format when STD dialling became widespread throughout the UK. In circulation from the 1970's, this telephone was the GPO's standard rental instrument until the privatisation of the telephone network when the new generation of push-button telephones were introduced.

Features: Traditional rotary dial and bell ringer. Supplied ready for use with modern telephone sockets. Fully compatible with the Australian telephone network and cable networks (Telstra, Optus, Iinet etc).

Not only are these classic phones extremely well designed to look and feel like the originals, they are build of the highest possible standard, have been tested and comply with ALL Australian safely and functionality standards as well as come with a full 12 month warranty.  Price each.

  • Replica of the 1970’s GPO746 classic
  • Traditional rotary dial
  • Authentic bell ringer with on/off switch
  • Handset volume switch - High/Low
  • Works on any standard home telephone line
  • Solid, weighty construction
  • Tone Dialling
  • Compatible with modern telephone banking switchboard etc
  • Rubber grip feet
  • One year warranty
  • Available in ivory, black and red
  • Model no: GPO 746
  • Plug connector: Standard RJ11
  • Gift box size: 272 x 226 x160mm