Kitchen Towels

Kleenex® VIVA Paper Towels Pk2

  • With revolutionary V-shaped ripples, VIVA Paper Towels are the best absorber and strongest when wet.
  • The ripples in the paper are ideal for drawing spills away from the surface you’re cleaning and holding in the moisture.
  • The paper won’t break up even when wet, giving you superior cleaning performance. 
  • Size - 225 x 210 mm - 60 sheets per roll.
  • Twin pack of White Paper Towel Rolls
  • Price each - Order 6 to receive one carton.

Waffle Weave Tea Towels



  • Reuseable, absorbent waffle weave towels for your basic kitchen needs.
  • Wipe up spills and then hang it to dry. It will then be ready to use for the next spill.
  • Size - 450 x 720 mm in assorted traditional colours / designs.
  • Individual tea towel (colour / design randomly selected from stock)
  • Price each - Order 12 to receive one pack.

CHUX® Regular Superwipes Pk10

  • CHUX® Superwipes® are made from special open weave cloth.
  • Multi Purpose, Fast Drying and Absorbent.
  • Ideal for washing up and general cleaning.
  • Size - 60 x 30 cm in assorted colours (randomly selected from stock)
  • Pack of 10 Regular Superwipes.
  • Price each

Pine O Cleen Disinfecting Wipes Pk80

  • Antibacterial disinfecting wipes with a citrus fragrance.
  • Kills 99.9% of the germs. Kills germs on contact.
  • Deodorises to leave a fresh clean fragrance.
  • Pack of 80 Lemon Lime Twist wipes.
  • Price each