Stand Up Staplers

Stand Up Staplers (or Vertical Staplers) allow you to grip the stapler as a handle and punch the staples in whilst holding the paper up off the desktop. When not in use they stand up on end so they can be easily grabbed, ready to use. Ideal for busy office environments or where desk space is at a premium.


MARBIG Stand Up Half Strip Stapler

  • Compact, ergonomic design stand up (vertical) stapler.
  • Durable and hard working stapler for around the office.
  • Comfortable hand grip for easy use. Stands up or lies flat on desk.
  • Upright position allows for use of minimal desk space.
  • Stand Up Half Strip Stapler. Capacity - 25 sheets.
  • Uses No.56 (26/6) staples.
  • Price each.

Rapid S1 SuperFlatClinch™ StandUp Stapler

Only While Stocks Last
  • The first stand up stapler to use SuperFlatClinch™ technology.
  • Patented SuperFlatClinch™ stapling technology reduces paper stacks by 40%.
  • Solid steel mechanism with full rubber base and Tacking function.
  • Stand Up Full Strip Stapler. Capacity 30 sheets (85 mm throat)
  • Uses No.56 (26/6) and No.16 (24/6) staples.
  • 5 Year Warranty.
  • Price each.