Whiteboard Erasers

Quartet® Whiteboard Eraser

  • BEST SELLER. Economically priced whiteboard eraser.
  • Ideal to clean your white board with ease.
  • Easy grip flannel style whiteboard eraser.
  • Plastic disposable non-magnetic eraser.
  • Price each

Quartet® Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

  • Magnetic eraser will stay on the whiteboard whenever you leave it!
  • Suitable for all white board and chalkboard surfaces.
  • Eraser collects the dust as it erases.
  • Stylish easy grip eraser uses double-sided pads.
  • Eraser complete with 2 refill pads. Additional refills available (see QTMAGREFILLS)
  • Price each

Quartet® GhostDuster Whiteboard Eraser

  • Revolutionary eraser with 16 tear off pads for clean erasing.
  • Features a special formula to clean and condition the whiteboard.
  • Increases the life of your whiteboard, and eliminates ghosting.
  • Lightweight and easy to use. Simply tear off sheet and a fresh one is ready to go.
  • Price each

EXPO® XL Whiteboard Eraser

  • The EXPO® XL whiteboard eraser is great for conference rooms and classrooms.
  • Large surface cleaning is no problem with this oversized eraser that easily tackles all your erasing chores in the classroom or conference room
  • Comfort grip is easy on your hands, offering relief from daily tasks
  • Eight-layer felt pad can be replaced when ink builds up.
  • Price each

EXPO® Precision Point Whiteboard Eraser

  • The EXPO® whiteboard eraser features an ergonomic shaped comfort grip and eraser pad.
  • Precision point Angled for Accuracy™ design enables easy and accurate partial erasing.
  • Eight-layer felt pad can be replaced when ink builds up
  • Docking station permits convenient storage at board; magnets and double-sided mounting tape included
  • Eraser is supplied with integrated docking station.
  • Price each

Quartet® Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Refills

  • Refill pads for Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser.
  • Suitable for all white board and chalkboard surfaces.
  • Eraser code - QTMAGERASER
  • Pack of 6 double-sided refill pads.
  • Price each

Helix® Magnetic Whiteboard Ruler

  • An essential accessory for classrooms, offices, meetings and conference room whiteboards.
  • Magnetic effect enables user to position on board exactly where required. Also stays on board when not in use.
  • Helps to keep written work neat and tidy for improved audience understanding.
  • An ideal size 60 cm rule with detachable handle eraser.
  • Two storage compartments for whiteboard markers and magnets (not included)
  • Compartment size (H x L x W) - 35 x 130 x 40 mm
  • Price each