Quickvue™ Files

AVERY® Quickvue™ Lateral Files

  • Quickvue™ is the organised yet cost effective alternative to suspension files.
  • Never again will you have to worry about files falling from rails, files tearing away from the metal reinforcements or losing documents due to lost tabs. Better still, there is no metal to catch on skin or nails!
  • The file is a very sturdy board with an angled tab across the top of each file.
  • Quickvue™ files can be used with your existing file cabinet drawers - just add a file rack (40447)
  • Box of 50 files and Avery software supported file title labels (rack not included)
  • Price each

AVERY® Quickvue™ Four Drawer Filing Cabinet Package

  • Tired of searching files from a messy drawer? Or are you looking for an alternative to the old suspension files?
  • Avery® four drawer filing cabinet packages including Quickvue™ files and other filing accessories help organise your files in a flash.
  • Why wait? Convert today and get organised!
  • Pack includes 200 Quickvue™ files, 288 File Title Labels and 4 File Racks (40447) 
  • Also includes Avery Top Tab Filing Label Starter Kit.
  • Price each