Rulers & Scales

Office Plastic Rulers

  • Strong and durable clear plastic rulers.
  • Ideal for home, office or school use. 
  • Accurate metric measurements on both edges (mm and cm)
  • Available in 30 cm (300 mm) or 40 cm (400 mm) lengths.
  • Price each

Office Metal Rulers

  • High quality stainless steel rulers for long lasting performance.
  • Complete with hanging hook for use in warehouse, storeroom etc. 
  • Dual scale measurements - metric (cm) and imperial (inches) 
  • Available in 30 cm (12") or 60 cm (24") lengths.
  • Price each

DELI 6209 Soft Feel Flexible Rulers

  • Durable, long life, soft feel flexible ruler.
  • Made from environmentally friendly polypropylene material.
  • Flexible 30 cm plastic ruler with metric measurements.
  • Available in assorted translucent colours (randomly selected from stock)
  • Price each

MARBIG Plastic Bendy Rulers

  • Bendy ruler is soft and really flexible and can be twisted around.
  • Flexible 30 cm with metric measurements.
  • Available in assorted metallic colours with silver embossed measurements.
  • Colours Blue, Charcoal, Grape, Orange and Yellow randomly selected from stock.
  • Price each

MARBIG Bindermate® Rulers

  • Fits in your binder for secure and convenient storage.
  • Suitable for 2 Ring Binders and Lever Arch Files.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Clear 30 cm ruler with metric measurements.
  • Price each 

DELI 8930 Triangular Scale Rulers

  • Quality triangular 30 cm scale ruler at a deli..cious price.
  • Ideal for technicians and professional use.
  • White plastic triangular ruler with coloured grooves.
  • Scales - 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:400 and 1:500
  • Price each

ORNA Stirflex™ Pro Specialty Rulers

  • Ruler series made of Stiflex™ flexible and undeformable material of high transparency with smoke grey tint.
  • Technical features include: Specular and clear surface, Graduations in mm, Chemical engraved printing and Ink pen edges.
  • Ideal for technical drawing and school use.  
  • Each ruler supplied in a yellow protective wallet.
  • Price each

Helix® Magnetic Whiteboard Ruler

  • An essential accessory for classrooms, offices, meetings and conference room whiteboards.
  • Magnetic effect enables user to position on board exactly where required. Also stays on board when not in use.
  • Helps to keep written work neat and tidy for improved audience understanding.
  • An ideal size 60 cm rule with detachable handle eraser.
  • Two storage compartments for whiteboard markers and magnets (not included)
  • Compartment size (H x L x W) - 35 x 130 x 40 mm
  • Price each