Projection Whiteboards

The EDGE LX8000 Architectural frame is specifically designed for Vitreous Enamel (porcelain) whiteboards. It’s designed with a small ‘lip’ which covers the minor ‘flaking’ of the enamel whiteboard edge, that occurs when passed through a cutting saw blade.

The LX8000 frame is ideal then, for modular whiteboards covering a wide area. Whiteboard writing walls can be created, areas for example up to 3 metres in height x whatever width you require 6, 8, 12 metres ...

EDGE LX8000 Projection Whiteboards

  • The strength of a porcelain whiteboard.. With the benefits of a projection screen.
  • For a slim and sophisticated look the LX8000 L frame provides a frameless appearance that complements any modern décor.
  • Consider Projection Porcelain if 80% of your needs are projection and 20% are writing
  • Consider our standard porcelain board if your needs are 80% writing and 20% projection
  • 60% less gloss than our porcelain whiteboards. Eliminates ‘hot spots’ on the screen
  • Durable Porcelain whiteboard with Magnetic surface and 25 year guarantee.
  • Price each