Glue Tack & Rollers

Bostik Blu Tack 75g

  • BEST SELLER. The original re-usable adhesive with a thousand and one uses!
  • Multiple uses in the office, factory, workshop, school or home.
  • Very pliable and non-toxic. Stick, position, hold. 
  • Made in Australia.
  • Convenient 75 gram pack.
  • Price each - Order 10 to receive a carton.

MARBIG Power Tack 75g

  • Re-usable adhesive that you just tear off, roll up and stick on.
  • Mounts photos, maps, calendars etc on your wall.
  • Holds candles, flowers, collectibles in place.
  • Pliable, non-toxic green adhesive.
  • Economy 75 gram pack.
  • Price each.

UHU™ Tac Re-usable Adhesive 50g

  • The clever adhesive to use and re-use at home, school and the office.
  • Tac what you need to know with memos, messages, charts and lists. Tac your desk accessories - keep your calculator, stamp pad and telephone firmly in place.
  • No colour staining with a strong adhesive bond.
  • Handy 50 gram pack contains 80 putties - White or Yellow. 
  • Price each - Order 12 to receive a carton. 

MARBIG Glue Tape

  • Immediate and strong adhesion, no need to wait for glue to dry. Ideal for general office use or gift wrapping.
  • Precise application with wide applicator tip, no mess, no wasted glue.
  • Single-handed application, unlike sticky stape that requires both hands.
  • Rubberised grip for comfortable use and protective cover to prevent tape from damaging.
  • Size - 8.4 mm x 10m
  • Price each.

UHU™ Glue Roller Permanent 8.5m

  • The UHU Dry & Clean Glue Roller is unique.
  • The fantastic 'micro-dot' system of applying the glue guarantees no mess or stringy finishes.
  • The single reel ensures correct tension so that there is no more rewinding... the ergonomic design ensures your comfort and that the UHU Glue Roller is easy to use.
  • Manufactured from 80% Recycled Plastic.
  • Size - 6.5 mm x 8.5m
  • Price each - Order 6 to receive a carton.

Sellotape® Sticky Dots Removable Glue Dots Value Pack

  • Clear double-sided peelable glue dots.
  • Lots of uses in the home, office and school.
  • Ideal for temporary fixing and quick to remove.
  • Acid free, lignin free and non toxic.
  • Handy value pack of 1,600 removable glue dots.
  • Price each

Sellotape® Photo Dots Pk64

  • The clear glue dot... that's photo safe!
  • Clear, flat double-sided photo safe, lignin free and acid free glue dots.
  • Fantastic for fixing pictures and certificates.
  • Replaces photo corners, messy liquid glues and sprays.
  • Pack of 64 clear adhesive dots.
  • Price each