Super Glues

UHU™ Super Glue Instant Bond 3g

  • Super fast - super strong instant bond liquid adhesive glue.
  • One small drop bonds in seconds with an extremely high bonding power. Dries clear.
  • Adheres a range of plastics, metal, rubber, china, ceramics and wood.
  • Ideal for all kinds of on the spot repairs around the home or office.
  • Blister card with 3g tube.
  • Price each

UHU™ Super Glue 3g Pipette

  • A super powerful, universal liquid super glue that bonds most materials in seconds.
  • Unique pipette ensures drop by drop application, no waste, no mess
  • Features a safety cap and non-clog nozzle which means glue won't dry out.
  • Ideal for ceramics, plastics (PVC and ABS), metal, wood, rubber, leather (not suitable for leather wear) and paper.
  • Blister card with 3g pipette.
  • Price each

UHU™ Super Glue Gel 3g

  • A super powerful, universal super glue in a convenient gel formula.
  • Extremely strong, drip-free and short-term correctable.
  • Ideal on porous materials and on vertical surfaces.
  • Glues ceramics, wood, plastics, leather and porcelain.
  • Blister card with 3g tube.
  • Price each

UHU™ Super Glue Minis 3 x 1g

  • Fast, strong, convenient and handy, the UHU™ Minis are ideal for one application.
  • Easy to store and with a resealable cap.  
  • Extra strong, optimal quality for each application.
  • Glues ceramics, metal, wood, plastics, rubber and porcelain.
  • Convenient storage box with 3 x 1g tubes.
  • Price each

UHU™ Super Strong & Safe Glue 7g

  • The next generation of adhesive - Superstrong, superfast and superglue.
  • Unique combination of all purpose and superglue.
  • Adjustable and repositionable prior to setting.
  • Ideal for almost every surface.
  • Blister card with 7g tube.
  • Price each